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5.0 out of 5 stars Invaluable Information! By ed pierce

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There is so much helpful information and advice in this book that a class could be taught around it. Anyone can learn something from this book no matter how long you have been selling or how proficient you think you are at it. I could honestly see a beginner picking up this book and beating out some of the seasoned pros. The author likes to focus on relationship selling which is very helpful in building a strong repeat customer base, which, in this economy, is very important for any salesman. This book is very well written and it's easy to understand the information that you will need to make better sales. It's a quick read, but I have read through it over and over again, taking in every bit of information I can and seeing how I can use it on a day-to-day basis at my job. I have a really good feeling this book is going to boost my career and my income considerably. If you are into sales or thinking of becoming a sales person, this book is a must read as it will have a big impact on your sales. 

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The Seven Secrets of Superselling

This ebook has been called “the perfect sales tool”. Why is that? Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling delivers specific answers to vitally important issues for salespeople. It equips the sales representative with forty plus years of award winning know how as well as both long and short term objectives for each prospect. It shares:

“super selling tips to uncover customer needs”
“7 super selling secrets to get customers for life”
“relationship selling secrets to keep clients”
“super selling secrets for building client loyalty”
“sales secrets for winning lifetime customers”

Why are these elements critical to success? It’s because the easiest and most productive way to sell is through strong relationships with customers who trust you. Seven Secrets of Superselling is all about building rapport and creating friendships with customers from the very first sales call. These principles yield maximum performance, resulting in outstanding income for the superseller who embraces them.

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Seven Secrets Of Superselling cover

Review: Edward Milligan, Phd

As a psychologist I was fascinated by the unique approach to sales offered in Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling.  Combining the art of persuasion with strong bonds of friendship makes a powerful formula.  This would change the nature of the typical salesman’s relationships within his assignment by eliminating the barriers created by distrust. A company employing these Seven Secrets of Superselling could realize both substantial growth and increased customer loyalty through utilization of these mutually beneficial techniques. A significant improvement in the overall corporate environment should also be expected.

 It is my fervent hope that business people everywhere adopt the principles so clearly laid out in this valuable work. Consistent application of the Seven Secrets of Superselling might easily sustain individuals and organizations throughout the various business cycles. 

 Edward H. Milligan, Phd
Miami, Fl

Steve Skijus Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling should be required reading for all employees of every company! The author’s application of strategic thinking to common sense principles yields friendships that both grow corporate customer lists and shield their bases of business against the competition.

Elevating and upgrading relationships with accounts is vitalfactor to a corporation’s success. It needs to become a top priority of every organization. In his ebook, Michael B. Hickland takes the reader there through actual examples of realselling situations throughout acareer spanning four decades and multiple industries. Without reservation, I would recommend this ebook to any business person.
Steven J. Skijus
Financial Protection Services, Inc.

Steve J. Skijus is the host of “It’s Your Money” which airs every Saturday on Talk Radio 860 AM WGUL.

Gary Anderson Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

As a former retail salesperson, real estate professional, and now owner of my own editing firm and publishing company, I found Michael Hickland’s ebook Seven Secrets of Supersellingboth informative and inspiring, because I know from my own experience that he is right on the money in every case.

If you want a leg up on your competition, all you have to do is read and absorb the information in this ebook and then diligently put the seven secrets to work in your own career—no matter what field of sales you might be in. The techniques are universal and will work in any field. The steps Michael describes are things I used throughout in my own long career, so I know firsthand that they’ll help you succeed, as well.

There is no professional that is paid more handsomely than a highly effective salesperson. Only skilled surgeons make more worldwide—and they have to go to school for at least eight years before they can even hang out their shingles. Every business in the world relies on great salespeople—so the opportunities are limitless. Michael Hickland’s Seven Secrets ofSuperselling is a perfect no-frills guide for learning how to become a Superseller yourself!
Gary Anderson

George Conroy Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

Seven Secrets of Superselling
Michael B. Hickland
Michael B. Hickland’s ebook Seven Secrets of Superselling is the perfect sales tool foreveryone in your organization,from the sales reps to the CEO. The author’s common sense approach and proven techniques will bring maximum results. All you have to do is apply theseven steps and watch it happen!

Having spent much of my own early career as an overachieving sales professional in the financial services industry, I’veused these principles myself and can vouch for their effectiveness. The superb advice Michael gives centers on making the most of every opportunity.
When I read the ebook, several old truths came back to me. “Nothing happens until somebody sells something” needs to be the basis for every corporation’s success. “There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer” is always critical to a firm’s prosperity.

Seven Secrets of Superselling is the ultimate guide for optimizing your sales. Every page is chock-full of strategies for relationship-selling to prospects who then become your customers and your friends. This indispensable ebook can easily be absorbed in a single sitting, but you’ll want to read it over and over again. It’s the ideal reinforcement of the best sales practices for you—and your entire organization.

Whether you’re a trainee, seasoned sales pro, a technician working on commission, or acustomer service representative who talks on the telephone, Michael B. Hickland’s excellent advice will positively impact your performance.

This ebook is a must read!
George I. Conroy
Editor, Memphis Jewish Journal