Wednesday, 28 August 2013

George Conroy Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

Seven Secrets of Superselling
Michael B. Hickland
Michael B. Hickland’s ebook Seven Secrets of Superselling is the perfect sales tool foreveryone in your organization,from the sales reps to the CEO. The author’s common sense approach and proven techniques will bring maximum results. All you have to do is apply theseven steps and watch it happen!

Having spent much of my own early career as an overachieving sales professional in the financial services industry, I’veused these principles myself and can vouch for their effectiveness. The superb advice Michael gives centers on making the most of every opportunity.
When I read the ebook, several old truths came back to me. “Nothing happens until somebody sells something” needs to be the basis for every corporation’s success. “There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer” is always critical to a firm’s prosperity.

Seven Secrets of Superselling is the ultimate guide for optimizing your sales. Every page is chock-full of strategies for relationship-selling to prospects who then become your customers and your friends. This indispensable ebook can easily be absorbed in a single sitting, but you’ll want to read it over and over again. It’s the ideal reinforcement of the best sales practices for you—and your entire organization.

Whether you’re a trainee, seasoned sales pro, a technician working on commission, or acustomer service representative who talks on the telephone, Michael B. Hickland’s excellent advice will positively impact your performance.

This ebook is a must read!
George I. Conroy
Editor, Memphis Jewish Journal

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