Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Edward Milligan, Phd

As a psychologist I was fascinated by the unique approach to sales offered in Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling.  Combining the art of persuasion with strong bonds of friendship makes a powerful formula.  This would change the nature of the typical salesman’s relationships within his assignment by eliminating the barriers created by distrust. A company employing these Seven Secrets of Superselling could realize both substantial growth and increased customer loyalty through utilization of these mutually beneficial techniques. A significant improvement in the overall corporate environment should also be expected.

 It is my fervent hope that business people everywhere adopt the principles so clearly laid out in this valuable work. Consistent application of the Seven Secrets of Superselling might easily sustain individuals and organizations throughout the various business cycles. 

 Edward H. Milligan, Phd
Miami, Fl

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