Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Gary Anderson Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

As a former retail salesperson, real estate professional, and now owner of my own editing firm and publishing company, I found Michael Hickland’s ebook Seven Secrets of Supersellingboth informative and inspiring, because I know from my own experience that he is right on the money in every case.

If you want a leg up on your competition, all you have to do is read and absorb the information in this ebook and then diligently put the seven secrets to work in your own career—no matter what field of sales you might be in. The techniques are universal and will work in any field. The steps Michael describes are things I used throughout in my own long career, so I know firsthand that they’ll help you succeed, as well.

There is no professional that is paid more handsomely than a highly effective salesperson. Only skilled surgeons make more worldwide—and they have to go to school for at least eight years before they can even hang out their shingles. Every business in the world relies on great salespeople—so the opportunities are limitless. Michael Hickland’s Seven Secrets ofSuperselling is a perfect no-frills guide for learning how to become a Superseller yourself!
Gary Anderson

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