Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Seven Secrets of Superselling

This ebook has been called “the perfect sales tool”. Why is that? Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling delivers specific answers to vitally important issues for salespeople. It equips the sales representative with forty plus years of award winning know how as well as both long and short term objectives for each prospect. It shares:

“super selling tips to uncover customer needs”
“7 super selling secrets to get customers for life”
“relationship selling secrets to keep clients”
“super selling secrets for building client loyalty”
“sales secrets for winning lifetime customers”

Why are these elements critical to success? It’s because the easiest and most productive way to sell is through strong relationships with customers who trust you. Seven Secrets of Superselling is all about building rapport and creating friendships with customers from the very first sales call. These principles yield maximum performance, resulting in outstanding income for the superseller who embraces them.

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