Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Steve Skijus Reviews Seven Secrets of Superselling

Michael B. Hickland’s Seven Secrets of Superselling should be required reading for all employees of every company! The author’s application of strategic thinking to common sense principles yields friendships that both grow corporate customer lists and shield their bases of business against the competition.

Elevating and upgrading relationships with accounts is vitalfactor to a corporation’s success. It needs to become a top priority of every organization. In his ebook, Michael B. Hickland takes the reader there through actual examples of realselling situations throughout acareer spanning four decades and multiple industries. Without reservation, I would recommend this ebook to any business person.
Steven J. Skijus
Financial Protection Services, Inc.

Steve J. Skijus is the host of “It’s Your Money” which airs every Saturday on Talk Radio 860 AM WGUL.

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